Heavenly Hands Nursing LLC 

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Home Health Care Service Fees

Heavenly Hands Nursing Service Fee

(Rates are per hour unless otherwise indicated)

Certified nursing Assistant-Starting rate $15.50

Showering, Dressing, undressing, Meal preparation, Shopping and Errands. Light house Cleaning, Doctors appointments, Reminder of medication. Assist clients with all activities of daily living.

CNA will also come and take care of the client’s hygiene. (Ex: Bath, Toe and Finger nail clipping, grooming of the hair, shaving, and putting on makeup if needed.)

3Hours or less service - (Flat fee$60)

Helps the client with anything within that 3 hour or less time range. After 3 hours there will be a charge of $13 an hour service charge.

  • Shopping and Errands

Takes client out for shopping and light errands. (EX: Cvs, Dry cleaning, Post office, etc)

  • Wake up service-

The nurse will come and wake up the client, give the client a bath if needed, make sure the client has taken his/her medication. Will make breakfast if needed.

  • Bed and Bath program

The nurse will come and bathe the client, get the client dressed for bed, and put the client back to bed comfortably.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES-If more than one person needs care at the same location there will be an extra charge of $10 per hour.

Time-and -a -half for the following holidays:(Holidays includes the entire day,noon and night)

*New Year's Eve *New Year's Day *Easter *Memorial Day *4th of July *Labor Day

*Thanksgiving *Christmas Eve *Christmas Day

All starting rates apply if clients address is within a 12 mile radius of Heavenly Hands Nursing .After 12 miles there’s a charge of $2 for every 10 miles after.